Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Inner emptiness

As soon as we stopped grabbing after things, and turned to a Higher Power as we understand it, we began by surrendering and slowly we began the process of filling our inner void. We asked God for care, strength and direction.

What do we do with the gift of the love we are given?
Love grows only when it is shared. The negative world is a world of taking and being taken; the positive world is a world of giving and being given. So we each in our own way realize this:
By freely and sharing the love I feel I celebrate my conscious connection with God! I live in the fullness of unconditional love.

--- ---- --- ----

To look within for the actual source of love leads to the discovery of the Self. Like the sun, the Self is ever present, unconditional, and not subject to thought, opinion, or attitude. The Self can only love because that is its essence. The love of the Self is not earned, deserved, or subject to limitation. The Self is the source of life and the subjective awareness of existence.

Later, it is discovered that even existence is unnecesary to the Self. It is beyond all dualities: there is no duality between the Self and existence. The Unmanifest and Manifest are one and the same. Consciousness may include content or it may not.

Love is beyond duality; it does not need a subject or an object. It is a quality of Reality, which is independent of circumstances.

--- ---- --- ----

Peace extends from deep inside you to embrace all creation. All that is required is that you not get rid of it.

You are the center from which peace radiates outwards. Every aspect of your life, bathed in deep peace, surrounds you and your brother with glowing happiness and the calm awareness of complete protection.

If it would spread across the whole creation it must begin with you and from you reach to everyone who calls, and bring him rest by joining you.

To overcome the world is no more difficult than to surmount your little wall, the little barrier of sand that stand between you and your brother.

Would you let a little bank of sand, a wall of dust, a tiny seeming barrier, stand between your brother and salvation?

This little insane wish to get rid of the Peace you invited in, and push It our must produce conflict. As you look upon the world, this little wish, uprooted and floating aimlessly, can land and settle briefly upon anything, for it has no purpose now.

How mighty can a little feather be before the great wings of truth? Can it oppose the eagle’s flight, or hinder the advance of summer? Can it interfere with the effect of summer’s sun upon a garden covered by the snow? See but how easily this little wisp is lifted up and carried away, never to return, and part with it in gladness, not regret.

--- ---- --- ----

Every problem you have comes from your having in some way separated yourself from source energy.


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