Friday, February 01, 2008

Beethoven post-work ritual

This week I have been coming home from work exhausted, sat down online and put on one of Beethoven's symphonies.

It works a treat. These symphonies are the champagne of the soul. I feel a new man after listening to one.

Monday was public holiday (Australia Day).
Tuesday I heard the fourth symphony, which has been reported to give certain people spontaneous orgasms. I heard what they meant, but alas no orgasms.
Wednesday I heard the astonishing fifth, during which I fell of my chair in astonishment.
Thursday I heard the seventh; I whistled movement 1 on the way home today, Friday, realizing as I did how much more vital this music is than I am capable of comprehending.
Friday, tonight, I heard the first. I have never had much of a thing for his first. I like the low-key (compared to his own symphonies) opening.

I still have the second, third, sixth, eigth and ninth to listen to next week. How cool is that!?

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