Saturday, April 24, 2010

The 25 Principles of Healing by Jon Mundy, Course In Miracles Workshop

The 25 Principles of Healing of John Mundy, received and revised by Alex Burtson at The Selfless Self

On a podcast from "A Cloud Does Not Put Out the Sun," they were discussing Jon Mundy's 25 principles of healing. Alex Burtson wrote them all down, simplifying and shortening a couple of them. Here they are:

One illness is not harder to heal than another.
The healer’s sole responsibility is to accept atonement for himself.
You heal by seeing past the patient’s ego and sick beliefs, as well as your own.
You heal by realizing that you don’t have to change the patient.
You heal by seeing the patient’s body and its sickness as unreal.
To heal, it is necessary to understand the mind’s purpose in making the body sick.
To heal, it is necessary to understand the fear of healing.
The patient is not a victim of a dangerous world, but is the commander of his situation, the dreamer of his dream.
The proper aim of healing is not the body, but the mind.
The patient is the same as you and one with you.
The patient is your equal.
You are not in a position to direct the process or judge the outcome. The Holy Spirit is the only healer.
You do not give the patient something from outside of her; you merely help her connect with the wholeness already within.
There is something in you that will tell you what each brother needs. You must not demand, decide, nor sacrifice- only listen and you will find the answer.
Do not doubt the power in you.
Healing occurs when, in a holy instant, you step outside your normal frame of reference.
You heal by forgiving the patient. The process that takes place in this relationship is actually one in which the therapist, in his heart, tells the patient that all his sins have been forgiven him.
You heal by aiding the patient’s own forgiveness processes.
Your true perception is what heals, not your behaviors, your words, your hands, or the energy you move around.
Calling on Jesus is part of the healing, but not because this is a magical invocation.
You heal through your happiness. Those who attempt to heal without being wholly joyous themselves call forth different kinds of responses at the same time, and thus deprive others of the joy of responding wholeheartedly.
Healing others is not a sacrifice- it is the road to happiness. There is a tendency to assume that you are being called on constantly called on to make sacrifices for those who come.
The healers reward lies not in demands or ingratitude but in the giving itself, which reinforces the healer’s own healing. An unhealed healer waits for something in return, and so he cannot give nor heal.
If symptoms persist, trust that the patient receives the healing- do not repeat it.
Self-doubt and self-concern represent a reliance on the false self.
All of the principles are simple- they are 25 different ways to say the same thing. This is basically what they say: There is no order of difficulty in healing, and you heal by knowing that you are the same, equal, and one with the patient. The mind is the focus in true healing, and the body is the focus in magic.You must forget the random judging of the ego and the belief in sickness, and instead be fearless and doubtless. You must not expect a result or make any demands (like money) or you will be unable to heal. You must understand that there is wholeness within each one of us, and that you must listen to the Holy Spirit that is within you if you want to perceive correctly. You know that we are not the victims but the commanders of our situations, and that you are able to heal through forgiving your false self and the false selves of others.

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