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101 Ways to Success, from David R. Hawkins October 2009

101 Ways to Success October- 3 -2009 seminar in Long Beach David R. Hawkins; M.D.; PhD.
01/Internal vs. external.
02/Personal, spiritual vs. worldly.
03/Read Newt Gingrich’s: 5 Principles for a Successful Life: From Our Family to Yours; and George Foreman’s: Knockout Entrepreneur.
04/Success as winning.
05/Success as goal achievement.
06/Success as prominence, media attraction, celebrity status.
07/Success as happiness.
08/Imagine desired outcome.
09/Build good karma balance.
10/Harness desire and ambition.
11/Workable plan.
14/Satisfaction with progress.
15/Override obstacles.
16/Supportive relationships.
17/Flexible vs. rigid.
18/Enthusiasm (Donald Trump).
20/Dedication to the Highest Good.
21/Pray for awareness of God’s Will.
22/Retain modesty-avoid hubris.
23/Thankful rather than prideful.
24/Incremental goals.
25/Result of basic attitudes.
27/Will power, grit.
28/Visualize goals.
29/Chip away, incremental progress.
32/Picture result.
33/Develop work rhythm.
34/Create routine schedules.
36/Harness the muse: “Carpe Diem.” [Capitalize on opportunities as they arise.]
37/Special place and setting.
38/Expert advice consultation. 39/Patience/persistence.
40/Hang out with successful people.
41/Avoid naysayers and energy drainers.
42/Practice the virtues-integrity.
43/Look for helpful feedback.
44/Imaginative enterprise.
45/Be friendly and upbeat.
46/Express appreciation.
48/Group support.
49/Dress the part.
50/Find a coach.
51/When in Rome, do as the Romans do.
52/Identify, evaluate the successful.
53/Watch for subtleties.
54/Cut giant-size projects into bite-size projects.
55/Activate the “Ego Ideal.” [Freud]
56/Capitalize on energy and inspirational surges.
57/Have note pad next to bed.
58/Ask: What does the world value, want, or need?…And supply it.
59/Capitalize on frenetic energy surges.
60/Plod along between bursts.
61/Expect success.
62/Nail down a specialty.
63/Write about a project.
64/Do a sales pitch on video.
65/Promise yourself periodic rewards.
66/Make photos of yourself in a successful role. [Audio-visual is quite powerful.]
67/Reward yourself for productivity.
68/Give yourself a dollar for each great idea.
69/“To thine own self be true.”
70/Put together an inspirational collage.
71/Be “on the road” of enterprise.
72/You don’t have to be a genius to build a better mousetrap.
73/Clarity of goals.
74/“Do” instead of crave.
75/Put heart instead of ego into the project.
76/Which aspects are ego and which are soul?
77/Is success a feeling or a reality?
78/Self-rewarding vs. public adulation.
79/Success as adequate to lifestyle.
86/Give up excuse of “trying”-just do it.
87/Write down all the negatives and bury them in the back yard.
88/Identify helpful contacts.
89/Do “Brain Gym” exercises on the road to be traveled.
90/Energize each step.
91/Avoid ethically dubious schemes.
92/Have supportive relationships: friends, family, cohorts.
93/“Fake it til you make it”- rehearsal.
94/Select role model.
95/Decide to be happy no matter what the result.
96/Great success is often fortuitous-“expect the unexpected.”
97/Avoid “winning the lottery” calamity.
98/Keep watchful eye on the ego.
99/Realize the world has gotten along without you thus far.
100/Success is whatever you say it is-win the hula hoop contests, eat more hot dogs in 10 minutes.
101/Fame is only fame. “Today’s fame is tomorrow’s disgrace, is the day after’s re-run.”


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