Wednesday, September 15, 2004

ultimate purpose, Meaning and Significance. Purpose, Meaning and Significance. Purpose, meaning, significance

Purpose is meaning. Nothing we see has meaning, because we do not know what purpose it serves. The purpose of what you see is to be of the highest benefit for you. It is in recognizing that that your goals become unified.

Context,value and meaning are merely different terms for a subtle web of energy patterns within an overall organising attractor energy field - which is itself only part of a still larger universe, eventually including the total field of consciousness itself.

Spiritual practice tends to unite the diverse aspects of personality and draw them up and together towards to one goal. Hence spiritual practice is the overall cure-all for personality dysfunctions.

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Spiritual seekers know that the core of all pathways to God is surrender, but to what and how they are not clear.

One’s only obligation is to the Truth of the Self and Divinity. Spiritual processes therefore demand letting go of all cherished mindsets because nothing one believes is true.

Spiritual realisations arise spontaneously and not as a consequence of thought processes. By analogy, when the clouds disappear the sun seems to shine forth, but the sun was always there.


Observation reveals that feelings and thoughts rise and fall away like a musical note. If focus is rigorously directed to this exact instant, a thought will be seen to arise out of a rather vague, primordial matrix. As it begins to rise, it is relatively unformed, like the swell of an approaching wave. Then the vague and as yet ill-formed primordial thought begins to take form and attract energy until it finally crests in full form where it attracts commentary, aggrement and disagreement, associated meanings, and memories. Now it is in full force, with associated emotion giving it momentum. No sooner does it crest than it begins to decline and gradually lose definition and form, fading into the past.

If the focus is on the back of the falling wave, then the ‘me’ tends to cling to the past and editorialising. If the focus of ‘me’ is on the rising crest, the person never lives in reality but is constantly poised with the expectation of control of the next instant. They are therefore constantly concerned with the future.

Surrender is a constant process of not resisting or clinging to the moment but instead, continuously, turning it over to God. The attention is thus focused on the process of letting go and not on the content of the ‘what’ that is being surrendered.

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God does for us what we cannot do for ourselves.


I have to come to a place at this time of my life that I have an awareness that god builds all the bridges, and god delivers all the speeches, and that god writes all the bridge, and that god writes all the books, and god creates all the means for anything that is going to come into this world, including our self - and that when we get our egos out of it. Ego is basically the idea of being separate, competing, and alone, an idea which makes us adversaries.

Wouldn’t you just love to hear the people who are running for office who represent us saying: this is what i’m for, this is what i believe in and intend to create, and i’m not running against anyone else and their accomplishments. If you want to know about what they’ve done, ask them, this is what i stand for, what i belive in. So the concept of even having a debate inpolitics makes no sense. because you’re not running against someone else but for this office, to be able to do these things when you’re in office.


We are only as powerful as the principles to which we devote ourselves. If peace is our dominant aspiration, then none can stand against us.


We are all connected. We are all saved together, loved together, weak together, and work together. No kind thought is lost, no kind action is forgotten, and every such kindness is enormously more powerful than many negative acts, at once cancelling our their sources and positively influencing their outcome.


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