Saturday, November 12, 2005

Contemplative Notes

(These notes come from Doctor David R Hawkins speaking on Beyond the Ordinary on November 9th 2001. These notes are drawn from part one and two of the program that day.)

Whenever I go, there I am.

I saw that kinesiology as a way to explain states which would be otherwise incomprehensible. A bridge between the visible world and the invisible world of spirit. A way of even calibrating it as a map of consciousness.

In Korea is was common for people if they're shopping to test food using kinesiology

The mind has to be ready for spirituality like a field ready to be tilled

When consciousness hears the truth about itself it awakens to its reality and becomes more prominent. That is why consciousness makes such large advances with exposure to spiritual teachings.

Every time you do something disintegrous it interrupts the meridians. If you are thus for a number of years it begins to effect the physiology in an adverse way.

Everything in the world effects you positively or negatively and this goes on outside of awareness.

The purpose (of TvF) is an overall recontextualisation of humanity as it evolves through all time. As you look over it you get a nonintellectual understanding like a relief map that say moves over time that gives you a feeling for the globe as a whole. The purpose is to give one a greater spiritual awareness so at the end of the book you can almost look at things and almost know where it fits in the overall category of things.

The mind has no ability to tell truth from falsehood. The greatest geniuses ever lived cannot tell truth from falsehood, It's not built into the human consciousness. So the discover of human consciousness is that here for the first time you can tell truth from falsehood with kinesiology.

There are no polarities of either-or. I'm going to show you the way out of dualism. Where you think there's two possibilities there's only one. For instance, heat and cold is not opposites. Heat is either present or not present. When heat is present to a great degree we call it hot, when it's absent we call it cold but there's not two different qualities. It's like light and dark. There's not two variable but one. Light is either present or not. If it's not, we call it darkness but it doesn't have an independent existence. What seems like opposites are really only gradations along a single scale. Not two scales only one scale. So we have no independent reality.

Enlightenment is really removing the clouds and then the radience of the self shines forth. That which allows you to say I is not your personal I. It's the universal I which gives you the gift of the capacity to be conscious and aware that you exist. Nothing can exist unless it is a manifestation of God.

The (book) "Eye of the I" is really how all of reality appears to the third eye of the crown chakra you might say. It's the eye of God as pure consciousness itself. So it's more about the enlightened state itself. What happens when the ego collapses. It identifies divinity as the condition of radical subjectivity.

Man up to this time has had no compass to tell truth from falsehood. A lot of world literature is full of rather serious error which will lead you off into byways for some lifetimes. What I've tried to do it provide a compass.

The Absolute reality the spiritual aspirant is seeking is what I can radical subjectivity. What's real is subjectivity. Awareness of consciousness is present at all time in all living beings. That which is considered objective truth is transitory and without any reality, and it is only a projection of measurement.

...One surrenders all belief that one knows anything to God and then wait to see what is reveal. So as you remove the clouds of belief systems the radience of the Self shines forth. In that instant everything is brilliant and obvious.

This state ripens and progresses of its own.


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