Saturday, December 03, 2005

Shut Up, A Love Poem

Shut up.

Nobody cares what you think.
They're not interested.

Stop wondering what they think.
They're not thinking of you.

Nobody wants to know your name.
They're only remembering it for practice.

Imagine the earth as a big blue ball
And imagine that you're gone.

Now what's the use of the whole world
Without you there? Who cares?

Nobody. And that's my point.
Shut up. We're not interested. Yes - you.

Disconfirm all your degrees of difference.
Nobody gives a damn how you're unique.

They just want value and novelty from you.
Grow up and get on with your own truth.

I mean, shut up. Shut up and live.
Stop your gabbling and live loud and true.

Be the self that you and only you
Can truly and honestly and completely be.

Be you.


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