Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Four Goals of Life, aka the Purusathas

We will all die. Therefore, the purpose of life is to cease all this struggle, to go outside under the blue or cloudy or dark sky, and vanishing into the light itself or sun or star, vanish into enjoyment of the pleasure of the senses and the sense of mind. Death is infinite: enjoy today as if it is your last day.

We will be dead forever. Therefore, practice morality as if each act were judgement for forever. Rehearse each day for forever. If there is no afterlife, then at least you lived a decent live for the insignificant time you existed. Time is infinite: act wisely today as if it is you last act.

Space is infinitely abundant. Therefore, seek to own and possess as much space as possible with all your effort, knowing that gain, profit, spending and getting are a constant joy and teacher of wise frugality for as long as you live. Space is infinite: get rich today as if it is your last provision for the future.

The field of consciousness is unfathomably profound. Therefore, seek to know the source of consciousness and thereby become liberated from bondage to death, time, space and individuality. Consciousness is infinite; seek liberation in consciousness only.


There are 4 classical Indian life-goals, called the purusarthas:

Moksha (liberation)
Dharma (morality)
Kama (desire)
Artha (wealth)


Seeking desire, die exhausted.

Seeking living space, die rich and powerful.

Seeking decency, die satisfied.

Seeking to be enlightened, Go Beyond ego, existence and life, to the All, illuminated by the Light of the Self.


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