Wednesday, April 02, 2008

TheCenter and circumference of a sphere in Steiner.

"In order to understand the center point of a sphere, you must understand the circumference."

This sentence adapted from Rudolf Steiner evokes the whole symbol of pisces excellently, and also reminds me of da Vinci's strategy of seeking the boundaries and limits of a field in order to understand its essence. I am also reminded of the description in Timaeus of the body of the cosmos as sphere - what remains in the center of the Platonic cosmos but that which is beyond it, the Creator itself! This saying applies just as excellently to the ten kaballistic spheres or sephirot.

The primacy of subjective experience in the process of coming to understand cannot be overestimated. Perhaps, even, such a subjective experience of the unity of center and circumference in a given sphere of activity is the sole aspect of wisdom that can last forever.


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