Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Committment and spirituality

true committment is a kind of grace from God. committment has its origin in the Spiritual Will, and love of God's truth energises it to make you aware of it... that is the 'mission' covey talks about.
The problem here is that negativity seems to get in the way. But negativity can no more be a problem to a committment than a cloud can be a hassle to the sun. The committment shines on. But when clouds of negativity come over us and block out the natural joy one feels in aligning to committment, that is when Faith is required.
Faith that the truth remains true even when it feels bad. Faith that god doesn't want one to feel pain, guilt, negativity, etc, but that one was responsible for creating the experience when one did not know any better.
'It seemed like a good idea at the time' - this is a decent regret, without guilt, for the past. Committments come from God, and require only that we align ourselves with the principles they stand for.


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