Thursday, January 12, 2006

Notes on -200 Hawkins "Transcending the Levels of Consciousness"

From reading Dr Hawkins' latest book and beginning work with it I have noted a few
guidelines, mostly commonsense and most gleaned from Dr Hawkins talks or from the
book itself. I hope they help if using this material.

- Start with the most obvious and aggravating LoC and "problem", then progress to the
more subtle.

- All fear is at root the fear of death, so it follows that surrendering fear of death cures all
fear - this seems the essence of the exercise Hawkins has "And what then?" to deal with

- Before taking a fearless moral inventory make sure that in the conscience forgiveness
has replaced condemnation as an overall style, otherwise inventory will have side effects.
From page 66 of TLC (Transcending the Levels of Consciousness): In normal persons a
"sizeable reservoir of guilt" tends to accrue unconsciously. And from page. 69: "The task is
to honestly acknowledge inner defects or faults of character without triggering guilt
attacks or self-hatred, anger or resentment of others."

- Acceptance is the core principle of confronting self-hatred, which Hawkins emphasizes
again and agian in the opening chapters of TLC.

- The traditional cure for apathy is faith, hope and charity. Hawkins recommends pets and
classical music and beauty too.

I hope these few notes are helpful for others working through the opening chapters of this
book. The teachings themselves are a guru, with liberating power, so working with them
using TLC seems tremendously useful for unearth resistance and negativity in the ego.


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