Sunday, October 29, 2006

On Balance

Balanced, calibrated 305.

bal·anced adj
1. taking account of all sides on their merits without prejudice or favoritism
2. containing different elements in suitable quantities or suitably arranged to produce a satisfying and effective whole
3. in a state of mental and emotional stability and able to make rational judgments

fair, impartial, unbiased, unprejudiced, even-handed, distinterested, objective, reasonable, neutral.

balanced, adjective.
1. stable.
Ex. Quiet temperament is the mark of a balanced person.
2. harmonious; orderly.
Ex. a balanced composition.

Not extreme
Balanced diet

Where am I unbalanced in my life?

Here is how Gil Fronsdal puts spiritual choices:

What choices can I make that lead towards reliable, wise peace and happiness? What is skilful to allow us to have some lasting, ongoing peace and wellbeing?

Gil’s vision of the Buddha’s example:

Sitting down under a tree in a very simple place and then begin to look at one’s heart and mind and ask:

“What choices can I make to make my heart simpler?”
“What choices can I make to make my heart more open?”
“What choices can I make to make my heart more peaceful?”
“What choices can I make to make my heart more happy?”
“What is that?”

That seems to me to point to the essence of balance. Being balanced is a experience of constancy from within that comes with the experience of self-trust and self-care, and being balanced is a state of refering inward for happiness and peace.


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