Monday, March 06, 2006


The source of growth is spirit. The manifestations of spirit are integrity, courage, love, peace, willingness, and acceptance. Any actions intentionally in concord with these manifestations results in growth.

The ego is the source of futile change. Animal in origin, this involves moving around a lot, that rapidly exhausts its source of sustenance and also tends to conceal the source of growth.

Growth occurs when body, emotions and mind change. Broadly speaking, growth in body tends toward health, growth in emotions tends toward wealth and growth in mind tends toward happiness.

Body, emotions and mind DO NOT grow when they are identified falsely as "me".

Body, emotions and mind DO grow when they are identified correctly as "mine".

Body, emotions, and mind are not "me", but "mine". Identifying them correctly as stewardships allows for responsibility and a clear view to emerge.

The successful student grows because she is willing to change her mind to use new knowledge and skills; because she courageously accepts her emotional resistances to learning and learns in spite of them; because she maintains sufficient health to think and turn up to school.

The successful businesswoman grows because she is willing to focus her mind and discipline her time and master the details of her business with the best data; because she is able to love and inspire peace between the people she works with; because she shows integrity by keeping fit and being ethical.

The spiritual student grows because he is willing to face shortcomings in integrity and accept them courageously; because he meets emotions with love and peace; because he loves his existence and so cares for his body and surroundings appropriately.

The inspiration for all these words, and none of the responsibility, goes to Dr David R. Hawkins, and to Divinity.


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