Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Free rendering of Dharmapada Chapter Two - Vigilance

I now attend to the unchanging and undying.

I now attend with intense wakefulness to being alive.

I now attend to the conditions supporting wakefulness, and wakefulness brings me great happiness.

I now seek freedom and happiness with great perseverence through meditation.

I now stimulate wakefulness, remember the truth, act with kindness, and do the right things the right way so that I shine with intense wakefulness.

I am an island of calm, attentive, awake clarity, and I am still in the storms of life.

I am wealthy in attention and clarity. I let go of pride and distraction and just let things be.

I now find great joy and bliss in meditation, and I bless sensual pleasure with love and let go.

In my heart I grow gradually more still and attentive. I see a tower of wisdom and ascend the terraces one by one to great happiness and joy. I bless with love the crowd below.

I now pay pure attention among the inattentive. I am now as energetic as a racehorse among nags.

My clarity and wakefulness are a fire that warms my world and burns through my illusions.

Now great joy and happiness in meditation fills me with powerful concentration and compassion.


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