Wednesday, September 22, 2004

How to attract abundance.

1. Believing in abundance, prosperity, and unlimited thinking

2. Being aware and paying attention

3. Waking up your desire to learn and grow

4. Seeing yourself as the source of your abundance and prosperity

5. Constantly learning more about cause and effect

6. Believing in yourself; having self-confidence and self-love
7. Becoming your own authority and master of your destiny

8. Embracing your challenges

9. Believing it's never too late

10. Taking positive actions to achieve your dreams

11. Having clear and definite goals and purposes

12. Making definite agreements and keeping them

13. Placing a high value on your time and worth

14. Open to give and receive freely

15. Opening your heart to abundance and prosperity

16. Expecting the best to happen

17. Telling yourself why you can succeed

18. Releasing things easily

19. Willing to question ALL your ideas

20. Focusing on how you can serve others

21. Operating in accord with your integrity

22. Wanting everyone to succeed

23. Applauding others' success

24. Giving yourself permission to be, do, and have what you want

25. Believing your path is important

26. Doing what you love for your livelihood

27. Doing your higher-purpose activities first

28. Expressing gratitude and thanks

29. Trusting in your ability to create

30. Looking for winning solutions for everyone

31. Focusing on what you love and want

32. Remembering past successes

33. Feeling that you deserve the best in the world

34. Thinking how you will create money, abundance and prosperity

35. Acting in harmonious ways

36. Allowing your Higher Self to "let it happen"

37. Freely following your joyous path

38. Surrounding yourself with objects that reflect your abundance

39. Measuring abundance in terms of fulfillment and happiness

40. Thinking thankfully about how far you have progressed

41. Speaking positively and in uplifiting ways

42. Thinking in expanded, unlimited ways


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