Monday, March 21, 2005

AA Meditation and Inventory

Dick in has some interesting insights on early AA meditation:

1. Read sacred text.
2. Pray for guidance, especially with gratitude (which is acknowledgement of the truth), praise (which is a desire to know the truth), love (which is a desire to make yourself and other's happy) or compassion, (which is a desire to relieve your or other's suffering).
3. Listen for luminous thoughts.
4. Write them down and listen some more.

Interestingly, the fourth step inventory was historically given standards of measurement. It was not merely an accounting record of good and bad qualities, but rather a comparison between your present nature and the Divine Nature. Accordingly, Divine Nature had four qualities which you compared yourself to:

1. Absolute love.
2. Absolute purity.
3. Absolute unselfishness.
4. Absolute honesty.

So a 4th step inventory (or tenth step daily inventory for that matter) was guided by these principles.


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