Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Source of Freedom, part I

This is the first of a series of contemplations of Doctor David R Hawkins brilliant work exposing spiritual principles and truth. The first contemplation is of the source of freedom.

"To truly under freedom is to experience it and not just think or hypothesize about it. Operationally, it could be said that everyone is as free as they believe they are and are able to accept it."

Truth Versus Falsehood, page 233.

In operation we are free by degrees in relation to the absolute freedom which is Divinity. This opening quote makes two bold statements which flatly contradict much normal reality of the world:

Firstly, that everyone is as free as they believe they are.

Secondly, that everyone is as free as they are able to accept it.

The first point begs the questions: Who believes in absolute freedom? What degree of freedom do I believe it? And is there any such thing as external freedoms?

On the second point I ask: To what degree do I accept freedom now? How do I know how free I am?

The answer to the first questions is contained in this quote:

"Just as all that is destructive has a common source, so do freedom, success, health and peace have a common source, which is that of spiritual truth and integrity."

So external and internal freedoms both manifest from spiritual truth and integrity. And the person who is aligned with these is free. And the questions of whether or not we accept freedom hinge on what degree of spiritual truth and integrity illumine our lives.

Tomorrow's quotes will concern the steps towards freedom, and the quotes on the day after the path to freedom itself.


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