Thursday, January 12, 2006

Resistance to pain

Reading David R. Hawkins' latest book, Transcending the Levels of Consciousness (TLC) has recontextualised the nature of resistance for me and I want to share what I have learnt.

On page 94 of TLC: "Spiritual research indicates that all suffering and emotional pain results from resistance. Its cure is via surrender and acceptance."

I wanted to learn if this applied to physical pain as much as emotional suffering, so I calibrated it myself. I found that the above statement also applies also to curing physical suffering. Furthermore, we choose our body and its conditions for optimum spiritual opportunity.

Then I realized that the nature of resistance is non-surrender and non-acceptance. This might seem obvious I suppose but for me it is a great release to realise that when I try to control or numb pain the subtle act is of resistance of divinity.

Hawkins goes on to say that suffering "can be seen as a valuable growth opportunity." In the context of loss, Hawkins suggest that the blessing of any suffering be "allowed to ripen" so that the lesson may be learnt.

What a positive and profound way to look at human suffering this teaching is! These teachings seem to me a major contribution to the relief of human suffering, and I feel blessed to have encountered them at a time when I am receptive to them.


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