Monday, February 06, 2006

Spiritual Alignment

"Am I really spiritually aligned, or am I just deluded?"

Late at night in my back yard I wondered this, after a beautiful devotional visit to the Bhakti Vedanta Ashram where I met Rupa, a highly evolved devotee, ate beautiful food at Govinda's, and paid my respects to the state of Krishna and the temple itself with a brief "namaste".

Walking away in bliss, I soon came to the train station where a pot smoking aboriginal woman, clearly mentally ill, cursed everything she could think of for close on 40 minutes. I sat out of sight, gave her a cigarette, and simply prayed not to resist the horrible stimulus. And sure enough it passed through me and although I felt as if I had stepped in an animal shit by accident, but free of judgement and reactive anger, impatience, or unhappiness. But how easy it would have been for this event to rain on my devotional parade, under slightly different circumstances, moods, or events.

So late this night, reflecting on the day, I asked myself:

"Am I really spiritually aligned, or am I just deluded?"

Finishing my cigarette, I picked up my bag and shook off a little black bug that had climbed it then went in. I stopped at the doorway. Getting an object, I went BACK to the black bug and gently turned it over so it could walk. It had fallen on its back and was having trouble getting up. The poor bug stopped struggling and became still once I turned it.

And I went inside to bed, no longer with any doubts about my spiritual alignment.


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