Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Empowered consciousness is intentionally aware of itself.

It's not something that just happens or something we have automatically. For there to be real consciousness, we have to direct our consciousness to its context within the overarching field of awareness. Observant awareness and the self-appeciation the practice of awareness implies cannot but energise the will, and the will gives consciousness power.

Empowered consciousness seems active to outside observers; in fact it is more peaceful and still. One could say the more empowered the consciousness, the more profound and lovely the stillness. Ordinary people seem to have "passive consciousness"; in fact they either suffer constantly at the hands of unconscious negativity, or must resort to constant upper to bolster their love of themselves because their minds are turbulent and restless. The powerful intention is merely to align with the source of consciousness in awareness itself rather than stick to the outer effects of it in turbulent positive or negative consciousness. Such aligned consciousness is enormously powerful because it is aligned with peace and the source of power.

Every negative program in the brain involves the self applying destructive power against the self. This realization is empowering to the self — what the self can do it can undo! As the self shifts towards power attractor patterns, it increases its ability to remove or override its appetites, but at the same time the underlying negative programs become more apparent. As the mind becomes postively charged, the turbulence of everyday consciousness is experienced as suffering and the desire arises to grow. It is awareness of negativity, and a willingness to go beyond it into complete peace and apparent nothingness, that allows one to outgrow the turbulence of positive thinking.

As you expand and raise your comfort level, you’ll control your life to a greater extent. This sense of control — particularly when it’s reality-based — goes along with many benefits. Generally, people with greater control over their lives are healthier, wealthier, happier, more enthusiastic and optimistic, have more fun, enjoy greater fulfillment, satisfaction, personal power and freedom, and live long lives.


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