Wednesday, September 22, 2004

On The Saying: Do One Thing different.

There are actual skills behind this saying that are worth examining.

They are:

The thymus tap
Transforming negative energy by intention
Planning Skill
and, Competency at doing the different thing.

I will consider each one:

The thymus tap is a basic method for ensuring we test strong. For negativity and turbulence it is unparalleled in opening up new choices in the moment that were not available before the thymus tap. Simply lightly tapping you upper chest three times, helps centre and awaken a little bit more awareness.

The experience that you can do things in the face of negativity is very powerful. It give the experience of transforming obstacles into energy.

Actively intend and plan out opportunities to do new and different things, and consciously follow through.

What happens in your consciousness when you experience negativity?

When you actively and plan to intend to do something different, notice the creative energy field you align with, and then compare it later with the reactive one, for instance while watching commercials on televison. Notice the differences in energy quality, and remember how it felt the do one thing different in your body.

Notice that every time you successfully handle and overcoming negativity, you become more capable of dealing with negativity in general

Things you might choose to do outside your comfort zone include mastering money, learning to sell and market; you might chose to look at qualities of attention, memory, reasoning, or emotional self-control that are outside your comfort zone. Also, become intentionally willing to consider that you may have a lack of competence, and not simply a negative energy field.

I am writing about this so that I too can learn these lessons; any comments appreciated greatly and highly esteems.


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