Monday, January 18, 2010

On Samyama, 1 of 6

Samyama is defined as “the flowing of attention, awareness and energy”, “integration”, “the inner part of yoga”, “meditative absorbsion”, or even “beginner’s mind”. The word originates from the great spiritual teacher Patanjali.

I like to think of samyama like this:

When you set out to achieve something wonderful, you soon discover the mind is impeded through various arbitrary and conflicting positions of the ego. You might set out to get fit or change jobs and find many inner qualities which stop you going forward. If the inner sense of certainty is lacking, then the goal feels out of reach. How do you find the inner certainty? Through samyama.

And even when you achieve the goal, you may remain uncertain in yourself. You might find yourself feeling doubts about other goals, or discounting the value of your efforts in the past. This uncertainty is only resolved at the level of consciousness through the experience of samyama, which bring absolute certainty. For example, samyama on strength and optimism might bring to you the absolute certainty that something wonderful is unfolding.

Then on achieving the goal you learn that part of the benefit of setting and reaching goals comes from the resolution of these inner positionalities through samyama. You become one with the truth that you are an unlimited and empowered being through samyama. It is not the goal that brings peace and serenity; it was the state of consciousness that brought the power. Samyama, the state of consciousness, brings peace, serenity, and power.

It is difficult unaided to see that the source of all happiness and achievement arises solely from this the ability of consciousness to become absolutely peaceful, serene and empowered. Patanjali clearly says that from samyama arise all achievements and powers; he is referring to this state of certainty, power, resolution, and peace.

This is the first of six short talks about the power of samyama. I find they are the most complete collection of this empowering knowledge online or in print. Finding nothing online or in books that satisfied my interest, I created this and hope you will also benefit from it.

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