Saturday, November 02, 2013

Sanctuarosity - a new word for a new activity.

Do you ever feel like you are falling headlong through days at increasing speed? Do you ever feel like life has lost its savor or pleasant quality? Do you ever want to stop but somehow not know or do the "how" of actually STOPPING.

That is what this new word is about: stopping for real.

Sanctuarosity is a portmanteau word. Portmanteau means a combination of two words we already use; the two words are "sanctuary" and "curiosity". And the big idea I intend to sell you on is that if you will become curious enough about places and times of sanctuary in your life, you will be able to add enormous value to your daily experience quite easily.

Everyone's day has moments of sunlight and shadow, of sweetness and vastness, of power and stillness, but we flit through them without recognising them all too often. Sanctuarosity is about teaching yourself to note and use these places and times.

Here's how to get started. (Having heard the idea you have already started, of course! and as you go about your days to come you will notice places which cause you to inquire about sanctuary quite naturally. The mind that loves truth, goodness and beauty naturally inclines to rest and serenity, and you will find that even contemplating the idea of sanctuarosity brings peace!)

1. Jot down a list of five or more places which you find peaceful in your daily round.
2. Jot down any places or situations where you feel good.
3. Write a list of at least five paintings, songs, books, movies, and people that make you feel peace or goodness or contentment.
4. Now, going through this list, put an asterix (*) beside any of these ones which are very convenient to you. These are places you can go to very easily.
5. Go through the list again and asterix the items which produce the most striking effect - the greatest peace and deepest calm. Some of your items may now have two asterixes beside them.
6. Finally, go through the list a final time and asterix the items which you would most love to do. Which items would make your heart sing?
7. Lastly, and most importantly for sanctuarosity:

If you have any items which are convenient, effective, and make your heart sing, do them prompty. Do them as soon as possible. Schedule them.

By going to those places which feed your soul, you will grow emotionally. You will feel more grounded and centered.

I have found that taking reading or study work into a sanctuary spot has greatly enhanced my learning abilities. But more deeply, sanctuarosity builds a deep and abiding sense of contentment.

Give it a go and let yourself find a deeper daily sense of peace!

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