Wednesday, September 22, 2004

On The Saying: Do One Thing different.

There are actual skills behind this saying that are worth examining.

They are:

The thymus tap
Transforming negative energy by intention
Planning Skill
and, Competency at doing the different thing.

I will consider each one:

The thymus tap is a basic method for ensuring we test strong. For negativity and turbulence it is unparalleled in opening up new choices in the moment that were not available before the thymus tap. Simply lightly tapping you upper chest three times, helps centre and awaken a little bit more awareness.

The experience that you can do things in the face of negativity is very powerful. It give the experience of transforming obstacles into energy.

Actively intend and plan out opportunities to do new and different things, and consciously follow through.

What happens in your consciousness when you experience negativity?

When you actively and plan to intend to do something different, notice the creative energy field you align with, and then compare it later with the reactive one, for instance while watching commercials on televison. Notice the differences in energy quality, and remember how it felt the do one thing different in your body.

Notice that every time you successfully handle and overcoming negativity, you become more capable of dealing with negativity in general

Things you might choose to do outside your comfort zone include mastering money, learning to sell and market; you might chose to look at qualities of attention, memory, reasoning, or emotional self-control that are outside your comfort zone. Also, become intentionally willing to consider that you may have a lack of competence, and not simply a negative energy field.

I am writing about this so that I too can learn these lessons; any comments appreciated greatly and highly esteems.

Empowered consciousness is intentionally aware of itself.

It's not something that just happens or something we have automatically. For there to be real consciousness, we have to direct our consciousness to its context within the overarching field of awareness. Observant awareness and the self-appeciation the practice of awareness implies cannot but energise the will, and the will gives consciousness power.

Empowered consciousness seems active to outside observers; in fact it is more peaceful and still. One could say the more empowered the consciousness, the more profound and lovely the stillness. Ordinary people seem to have "passive consciousness"; in fact they either suffer constantly at the hands of unconscious negativity, or must resort to constant upper to bolster their love of themselves because their minds are turbulent and restless. The powerful intention is merely to align with the source of consciousness in awareness itself rather than stick to the outer effects of it in turbulent positive or negative consciousness. Such aligned consciousness is enormously powerful because it is aligned with peace and the source of power.

Every negative program in the brain involves the self applying destructive power against the self. This realization is empowering to the self — what the self can do it can undo! As the self shifts towards power attractor patterns, it increases its ability to remove or override its appetites, but at the same time the underlying negative programs become more apparent. As the mind becomes postively charged, the turbulence of everyday consciousness is experienced as suffering and the desire arises to grow. It is awareness of negativity, and a willingness to go beyond it into complete peace and apparent nothingness, that allows one to outgrow the turbulence of positive thinking.

As you expand and raise your comfort level, you’ll control your life to a greater extent. This sense of control — particularly when it’s reality-based — goes along with many benefits. Generally, people with greater control over their lives are healthier, wealthier, happier, more enthusiastic and optimistic, have more fun, enjoy greater fulfillment, satisfaction, personal power and freedom, and live long lives.

The Greatest Human Power

The greatest human power is the power of choice. We are not automatic stimulus-response machines! We have power of choice. We can pause, and instead of reacting automatically, we can calculate our best response or action. We can then learn from the results or consequences produced by our actions. We can use this experience to take superior actions in future.

All along, decisions are involved. We decide to pause, rather than react automatically. We decide to think and calculate. We decide on a particular action or course of actions. We decide to observe the consequences of our actions. We decide how we should apply what we learned to improve future actions.

The Absolute Essence of the Teachings of Jesus

Jesus message is utterly benevolent. He means good in the most absolute sense, in that he means NO harm as well as ALL good.

We are like children in our ignorance. Our posturing is frankly incredible. We are sorry for our errors but not for our ignorance, which spills over the teacup of our knowledge while we pour in ever more opinions and judgements.

Like fools we are convinced we have the truth in our minds when the reality is that we ARE the truth in our heart. The special foolishness of the heart which the world calls wisdom is merely the heartfelt acknowledgement of our ignorance and inadvertence.

In the eyes of the world, the message of Jesus is the height of foolishness. The world has an excellent point. That is why there exists further teachings beside the essence. These further teachings are not essential.

The absolute essence of the teachings of Jesus can be stated as four simple and soul-saving rules. Each of these four rules eliminates a third of those who would follow Jesus.


That's right. Completely let go of, surrender, release, and forget about, all fear. The mind exists to find things to be afraid of, so loosening the hold on fear is like losing your mind to find your heart. It's this rule that reduces the number of people who wish to follow Jesus' teachings by a big third, from 100 % to 66 %.


Ditto for judgment. Opinionation of any kind is a subtle form of resentment. No resentment is ever justified. The 66 % would-be followers of Jesus shrinks to 42 %, by another third.


With this rule only 32 % of people are left capable of following Jesus' teachings, and among Christians this is quite an accurate figure.

Unfortunately the 32 % who are capable, by and large, do not actually follow the teaching. The percentage of people following these teachings is significantly lower, in fact, for a final rule. This rule is absolutely central to the essence of Jesus' teachings, since it regards the practice that engenders the above rules. This final rule that is most significant for spirital aspiration:


This is the presciption, if you like, that triggers the presence of the first three rules, the presence of Love in one's life, and the relationship with God through Jesus Christ that is spoken about by many and practiced by few. A third off 32 percent makes just over 20 percent of those who would follow the teachings able and willing to practice them in their lives.

As a point of comparison, consider that only 4 % of Christians are capable of unconditional love. Compare that, however, to the ten times fewer number of people in the world at large who are capable of unconditional love (0.4%) and you have some insight into the power of Jesus' teachings to uplift and bless.

It should be added that many of the 20 % mentioned above are quite capable of conditional love, which in itself is a great blessing to humanity. But by their failure to practice essential rule four, their ability to love is obscured and forgotten. Which is precisely what happens to these teachings over time.

The essence of Jesus teachings is simple. The practice of avoiding evil is simple and unworldly.

To the worldly, of course, I understand the following teaching to apply. This is an elaborations of Jesus' teachings, not essential. There are other aspects to his teachings that apply to specific problems, like specific antidotes to specific illnesses, but this side issue of the unworldiness of Jesus teachings is most relevant to us today. Here it is:


Stated another way, the worldly requires attention, and the spiritual requires devotion. But worldly things only truly matter in the context of spirituality, so focus first, last and always on spiritual teachings.

These teachings I offer, intending that they be of benefit to all.

How to attract abundance.

1. Believing in abundance, prosperity, and unlimited thinking

2. Being aware and paying attention

3. Waking up your desire to learn and grow

4. Seeing yourself as the source of your abundance and prosperity

5. Constantly learning more about cause and effect

6. Believing in yourself; having self-confidence and self-love
7. Becoming your own authority and master of your destiny

8. Embracing your challenges

9. Believing it's never too late

10. Taking positive actions to achieve your dreams

11. Having clear and definite goals and purposes

12. Making definite agreements and keeping them

13. Placing a high value on your time and worth

14. Open to give and receive freely

15. Opening your heart to abundance and prosperity

16. Expecting the best to happen

17. Telling yourself why you can succeed

18. Releasing things easily

19. Willing to question ALL your ideas

20. Focusing on how you can serve others

21. Operating in accord with your integrity

22. Wanting everyone to succeed

23. Applauding others' success

24. Giving yourself permission to be, do, and have what you want

25. Believing your path is important

26. Doing what you love for your livelihood

27. Doing your higher-purpose activities first

28. Expressing gratitude and thanks

29. Trusting in your ability to create

30. Looking for winning solutions for everyone

31. Focusing on what you love and want

32. Remembering past successes

33. Feeling that you deserve the best in the world

34. Thinking how you will create money, abundance and prosperity

35. Acting in harmonious ways

36. Allowing your Higher Self to "let it happen"

37. Freely following your joyous path

38. Surrounding yourself with objects that reflect your abundance

39. Measuring abundance in terms of fulfillment and happiness

40. Thinking thankfully about how far you have progressed

41. Speaking positively and in uplifiting ways

42. Thinking in expanded, unlimited ways

Positive, Powerful Thinking


"It won't always be this difficult."

"I have choices."

"I can do this."

"I am not alone."

"Good things could happen."

"I am a strong person."

"I don't have to be perfect to be wonderful."

From 'The Pathway' by Laurel Mellin

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Committment and spirituality

true committment is a kind of grace from God. committment has its origin in the Spiritual Will, and love of God's truth energises it to make you aware of it... that is the 'mission' covey talks about.
The problem here is that negativity seems to get in the way. But negativity can no more be a problem to a committment than a cloud can be a hassle to the sun. The committment shines on. But when clouds of negativity come over us and block out the natural joy one feels in aligning to committment, that is when Faith is required.
Faith that the truth remains true even when it feels bad. Faith that god doesn't want one to feel pain, guilt, negativity, etc, but that one was responsible for creating the experience when one did not know any better.
'It seemed like a good idea at the time' - this is a decent regret, without guilt, for the past. Committments come from God, and require only that we align ourselves with the principles they stand for.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Distress, anxiety and self-attack

You always attack yourself first, because in the act of attacking another you must believe that you vulnerable to attack yourself.

Practicing this idea entails thinking of five or six circumstances where you felt distressed. By using this idea on these distressing circumstances you practice understanding that vulnerability or invulnerability is the result of your own thoughts. Nothing except your thoughts can attack you. And nothing except your thoughts can prove to you that this is not so.

So, in thinking of a distressing circumstance, name the outcome which you fear, which seems to be the source of the distress.

Now tell yourself: That thought is an attack upon myself. I am distressed because believe I am attacking my invulnerability.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

ultimate purpose, Meaning and Significance. Purpose, Meaning and Significance. Purpose, meaning, significance

Purpose is meaning. Nothing we see has meaning, because we do not know what purpose it serves. The purpose of what you see is to be of the highest benefit for you. It is in recognizing that that your goals become unified.

Context,value and meaning are merely different terms for a subtle web of energy patterns within an overall organising attractor energy field - which is itself only part of a still larger universe, eventually including the total field of consciousness itself.

Spiritual practice tends to unite the diverse aspects of personality and draw them up and together towards to one goal. Hence spiritual practice is the overall cure-all for personality dysfunctions.

--- ---- --- ----

Spiritual seekers know that the core of all pathways to God is surrender, but to what and how they are not clear.

One’s only obligation is to the Truth of the Self and Divinity. Spiritual processes therefore demand letting go of all cherished mindsets because nothing one believes is true.

Spiritual realisations arise spontaneously and not as a consequence of thought processes. By analogy, when the clouds disappear the sun seems to shine forth, but the sun was always there.


Observation reveals that feelings and thoughts rise and fall away like a musical note. If focus is rigorously directed to this exact instant, a thought will be seen to arise out of a rather vague, primordial matrix. As it begins to rise, it is relatively unformed, like the swell of an approaching wave. Then the vague and as yet ill-formed primordial thought begins to take form and attract energy until it finally crests in full form where it attracts commentary, aggrement and disagreement, associated meanings, and memories. Now it is in full force, with associated emotion giving it momentum. No sooner does it crest than it begins to decline and gradually lose definition and form, fading into the past.

If the focus is on the back of the falling wave, then the ‘me’ tends to cling to the past and editorialising. If the focus of ‘me’ is on the rising crest, the person never lives in reality but is constantly poised with the expectation of control of the next instant. They are therefore constantly concerned with the future.

Surrender is a constant process of not resisting or clinging to the moment but instead, continuously, turning it over to God. The attention is thus focused on the process of letting go and not on the content of the ‘what’ that is being surrendered.

--- ---- ---- ---

God does for us what we cannot do for ourselves.


I have to come to a place at this time of my life that I have an awareness that god builds all the bridges, and god delivers all the speeches, and that god writes all the bridge, and that god writes all the books, and god creates all the means for anything that is going to come into this world, including our self - and that when we get our egos out of it. Ego is basically the idea of being separate, competing, and alone, an idea which makes us adversaries.

Wouldn’t you just love to hear the people who are running for office who represent us saying: this is what i’m for, this is what i believe in and intend to create, and i’m not running against anyone else and their accomplishments. If you want to know about what they’ve done, ask them, this is what i stand for, what i belive in. So the concept of even having a debate inpolitics makes no sense. because you’re not running against someone else but for this office, to be able to do these things when you’re in office.


We are only as powerful as the principles to which we devote ourselves. If peace is our dominant aspiration, then none can stand against us.


We are all connected. We are all saved together, loved together, weak together, and work together. No kind thought is lost, no kind action is forgotten, and every such kindness is enormously more powerful than many negative acts, at once cancelling our their sources and positively influencing their outcome.

Inner emptiness

As soon as we stopped grabbing after things, and turned to a Higher Power as we understand it, we began by surrendering and slowly we began the process of filling our inner void. We asked God for care, strength and direction.

What do we do with the gift of the love we are given?
Love grows only when it is shared. The negative world is a world of taking and being taken; the positive world is a world of giving and being given. So we each in our own way realize this:
By freely and sharing the love I feel I celebrate my conscious connection with God! I live in the fullness of unconditional love.

--- ---- --- ----

To look within for the actual source of love leads to the discovery of the Self. Like the sun, the Self is ever present, unconditional, and not subject to thought, opinion, or attitude. The Self can only love because that is its essence. The love of the Self is not earned, deserved, or subject to limitation. The Self is the source of life and the subjective awareness of existence.

Later, it is discovered that even existence is unnecesary to the Self. It is beyond all dualities: there is no duality between the Self and existence. The Unmanifest and Manifest are one and the same. Consciousness may include content or it may not.

Love is beyond duality; it does not need a subject or an object. It is a quality of Reality, which is independent of circumstances.

--- ---- --- ----

Peace extends from deep inside you to embrace all creation. All that is required is that you not get rid of it.

You are the center from which peace radiates outwards. Every aspect of your life, bathed in deep peace, surrounds you and your brother with glowing happiness and the calm awareness of complete protection.

If it would spread across the whole creation it must begin with you and from you reach to everyone who calls, and bring him rest by joining you.

To overcome the world is no more difficult than to surmount your little wall, the little barrier of sand that stand between you and your brother.

Would you let a little bank of sand, a wall of dust, a tiny seeming barrier, stand between your brother and salvation?

This little insane wish to get rid of the Peace you invited in, and push It our must produce conflict. As you look upon the world, this little wish, uprooted and floating aimlessly, can land and settle briefly upon anything, for it has no purpose now.

How mighty can a little feather be before the great wings of truth? Can it oppose the eagle’s flight, or hinder the advance of summer? Can it interfere with the effect of summer’s sun upon a garden covered by the snow? See but how easily this little wisp is lifted up and carried away, never to return, and part with it in gladness, not regret.

--- ---- --- ----

Every problem you have comes from your having in some way separated yourself from source energy.

Monday, September 13, 2004

on willingness

To seek enlightenment is to seek entrainment to the most powerful attractor patterns. The key is will, a repeated act of choice. In all spiritual disciplines the opening wedge predicated on advancing one's awareness is described as "willingness"... a persistent willingness is the trigger that activates a new attractor field and allows one to begin to leave the old.

Our understanding of God is from what works for us. The right to a God of your own understanding is total and without any catches. We make the decision to turn over our will to the care of God. This decision is based on faith.

Surrendering our will gets easier with daily practice. God's help is our greatest source of strength and courage. We surrender quietly and let the God of our understanding take care of us.

--- ---- --- ----

Trust not your good intentions. There are not enough. But trust implicitly your willingness, whatever else may enter. In your willingness to let love in lies also your acceptance of yourself as you were meant to be. The secret of willingness is to let it be what it is.

Your small willingness combines with the unlimited power of God's Will. It is not needful to make ready for God, but only that I do not interfere with His plan.

--- ---- --- ----

By confining thoughts and opinions to their verifiable validity, one arrives at radical humility. This means the willingness to let go of all presumptions of thought.


The only space from which to address mind is that quality called Will. One can locate this area without too much difficulty. Whereas thoughts, feelings, and images pass through the mind continuously, the will is relatively motionless and fixed. It tends to persist in a more stable and therefore approachable manner. The will can indeed be quite fixed, committed, one-pointed and immovable, unlike the mind, which flies about like a nervous butterfly. The will is closer to the true Self than the is ordinary mind.

The will is activated and empowered by devotion, and it responds with inspiration which leads to illumination by Grace. The personal will dissolves into Divine Will, and the spark that leads to the spiritual truth is a divine gift.

Love is without form, and is that capacity through which one becomes willing, out of that love, to surrender to God.

heart breaking open

The full fruit of a labor of love lies in the harvest and that always comes in its right season.

A person who has arrived at a habitual state of unconditional Love will experience anything less as unacceptable. For people who constantly work at overcoming such negative attitudes as self-pity or intolerance, the process becomes self-perpetuating and self-correcting so that self-improvement becomes a way of life. This phenomenon can be commonly observed among members of twelve-step self-help groups.

The heart is breaking open every day. You only have to knock.

Fearless and moral creation

We write about the things that bother us here and now.

We must be done with the past, not cling to it.

We write to see what we want to keep and what we want to discard. No one is forcing us to give up our misery.

Write without consideration, as if nothing else were to come of it. The important thing to begin with is to inventory our positives and negatives, not to judge but to understand ourselves.

The way to write is to write! Thinking, talking, theorising, will not get it written. We sit down, ask for guidance, and start writing.

Anything we think about it material. The basic rule of thumb is, we can write too little, but can never write too much.

Creating this way becomes a relief. The pain of doing it is less than the pain of not doing it. Pain can be a motivating factor.

We sit down to write and ask for God's help to reveal the defects that caused pain and suffering in our lives. When we pray and take action it always gets better.

To have the courage to do this, the foundation is necessary: honesty, openmindedness and willingness are this foundation, supporting us in coming to know ourselves fearlessly through our creations.
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