Sunday, June 13, 2010

Personal Responsibility - A Quote From Jim Rohn.

You can't hire someone else to do your push-ups for you.

- Jim Rohn

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The Power of Kneeling

We need the power to live. Even the very finest quality of prejudices are still blocks to power and happiness.

The prejudice that I do not merit God's help and love and support to the fullest degree must go.

The prejudice that I can do anything that can make God have such a bad day that He will not help me must go if I can live.

Because when I need God most, when I've done the thing that disgusts or horrifies me, that's precisely when I cannot reject that idea in myself of power.

So I let myself get down on my knees when I wake and ask whatever runs the universe for help. I need power. And when I go to bed at night I get down on my knees and thank whatever that was for what just happened.

My life is how I demonstrate the spirit to myself, through actions that do so.

- Scott L.

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